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C# Powerpack

A web-based, powerful design and code generation platform with an intuitive methodology that helps you create .NET microservices and Web APIs in a jiffy.

PHP Powerpack

A web-based , easy-to-use design and code generation platform that helps you build PHP-MySQL microservices and publish RESTful APIs effortlessly.


Articles, interviews, email courses, eBooks, videos, podcasts, templates, tools and many more goodies to help you navigate the microservices landscape with ease.

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We aim to be the easiest and the most useful application development platform on the web. We've fixed a few links in the software development process that have remained broken for a very long time. With these links we want to help you create the highest quality applications in the shortest possible time. We are working hard to make it very easy for you to build your software and stay right on top of your projects... all the time!

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